oculus rift cv1 Cooling Kit

We are very happy to introduce our new DIY Cooling Kit for the Oculus Rift CV1 VR goggles.


The idea was born while taking part in online endurance races that last around 3 hours.


After a while you simply get a problem with humidity under the goggles. Since I love endurance racing it was obvious to change something.


In the end it needed 2 different prototypes to find a good and efficient design.


On the left you can see the fully assembled kit. The little red box is just a housing for the electronics that, in my case, let you adjust the fan´s RPM.



What you see on the left is the main part of the Cooling Kit.


It can be ordered as a 3d printed part in different colors through our Shapeways-Shop


It´s a exchange part for the Rift´s detachable facial interface.


All you have to do to make it work is to order the rest of the parts that you need to put everything together.


A list of the proposed parts and a manual with step by step instructions can be found at the bottom of this page. 


So what does the Coling Kit actually do?


You may think that there is a strong breeze under the goggles. Well, that´s not really the case. Throughout the developement we found out, that it is far more effective to realize just a constant gentle airflow.

The problem with a strong breeze is that your eyes are drying out to quickly and you have to blink more often.


So to prevent this and make it a comfortable, long lasting positive experience the fan gently sucks air out of the top of the facial interface. It was also crucial to choose a super silent fan to not disturb your VR experience!


Below you can see the Rift with attached cooling system.

Manual Oculus Rift Cooling Kit
This manual contains all necessary information for the cooling Kit´s assembly.
Adobe Acrobat Document 21.0 MB

Foam Template Oculus Rift-CV1 Facial Interface
With this template you are able to create foam for the facial interface.
Important: Print without scaling, otherwise dimensions of template incorrect!
Adobe Acrobat Document 22.7 KB