SSQ-1 - Sequential Shifter

In actual racing cars the gears are shifted sequentially. Most common is shifting with paddles mounted to the steering wheel.


Not long time ago the gears had to be shifted by a lever.


To recreate that feeling we developed the SSQ-1, our first sequential stick shifter.


The SSQ-1 features an all metal construction with purpose built parts and industrial grade components.

This way we can assure a maximum in reliability and strength.

The feedback of the shifter is based on a magnetic system.

This system reduces mechanical wear to a minimum.

Because of this solution the mechanic of the shifter is maintenance free, making sure, that the customer will receive a long lasting product.


The actuating force, in its current layout, is around 27 Newton (~2,6Kg).


It´s currently 200mm in height and 300mm in overall length. Width is around 60mm.

These dimensions make it easy to install the shifter on common Rigs.