Simcylinder system

Nearly two years ago i started to design a new, revolutionary way to built Sim-Racing Pedals based on real motorsport pedalboxes.

The original idea behind it was to convert pedalboxes of any supplier to state of the art Sim-Racing Pedals.


Up until now, if you wanted to use real pedalboxes for Sim-Racing, you were forced to build up a rather complex hydraulic circuit to, in the end, just compress rubber springs to get a realistic feedback in the pedals.


So how could you avoid this complex way to build pedalboxes?


The solution is the SimCylinder System developed by me/SimProlouge.



So what makes the SimCylinder System so special?


Personally i´m a fan of simple, reliable products that fullfil their task as they should be. In my oppinion you can solve any technical problem by designing something very complex and elaborate.

The simple approach to solve a problem adequately is where cleverness is needed.


A Set of SimCylinders gives you the chance to built proper loadcell pedals for Sim Racing with nearly any real motorsport pedalbox available on the market.

Choose the pedalbox of your dreams, bolt the SimCylinders on and have fun!


Pedalboxes normally use Girling type master cylinders to be bolted on them. The fixture interface for the master cylinders is standardised. Since the SimCylinders use the same standardised mounting points you are able to use every pedalbox, that normally feature girling type master cylinders, for your conversion.


No Fluids, not dozens of parts, just simple and reliable.


A SimCylinder kit contains of all parts and necessary material for building three SimCylinders. They come with a easy to understand building manual.

Two SimCylinders for Brake, one for Clutch.

They only differ in the type of the feedback element.

On the Brake- SimCylinders we use rubber springs. On the Clutch- SimCylinder you can use a coil spring or belleville springs.

This just depends on your personal liking.

The housing of the SimCylinder is made out of CNC lasercut stainless steel plates for high precision and strength.

The main rod is also made from stainless steel. A kit contains both metric and imperial threaded main rods. This gives you even more freedom in the pedalbox you choose to use for your build.

All plastic components are 3D printed in highly durable polyamid. They are available in 10 different colours via our Shop at


Main facts:

  • easy to assemble - even for people without much experience
  • loadcell technology - better brake performance
  • bolts to every pedalbox that uses girling type master cylinders no matter if overslung or bottom mounted
  • highly customisable - different rubber springs for fine tuning of brake pedal feedback



Electronics are not part of the Kit.

Don´t be intimitated though, we take care of this also!!

We provide detailed information and tutorials on how to set them up. It is much easier as you might think.

We tell you what you need and how to do it to make it a fun and interesting experience.

One of the main benefits of that strategy is, that this is a open system with much room for improvement, fun things to play with and cool new additional features available in the future.


Our new SimCylinder System will be available soon as a DIY Kit!! Stay tuned for further information!


Feel free to join the SimProlouge Discord Server:

SimCylinder DIY Kit Assembly Instructions:

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