Simcylinder Pedal system

Nearly two years ago i started to design a new, revolutionary way to built Sim-Racing Pedals based on real motorsport pedalboxes.

The original idea behind it was to convert pedalboxes of any supplier to state of the art Sim-Racing Pedals.


Up until now, if you wanted to use real pedalboxes for Sim-Racing, you were forced to build up a rather complex hydraulic circuit to, in the end, just compress rubber springs to get a relatively realistic feedback in the pedals.


So how could you avoid this complex way to build pedalboxes.


The solution is the SimCylinder System developed by me/SimProlouge.


Originally intented to be able to be used by everybody to build pedals for Sim-Racing, the technology will now be used solely and exclusively by OBP Motorport for their new line of Sim Racing Hardware, in case of the SimCylinders, in their OBP E-Sports Pro-Race V2 SimCylinder Pedal System shown on the picture.


I am very proud to be a exclusive partner of OBP Motorsport and i am looking forward working together with them.

So what makes the SimCylinder System so special?


Personally i´m a fan of simple, reliable products that fullfil their task as they should be. In my oppinion you can solve any technical problem by designing something very complex and elaborate.

The simple approach to solve a problem adequately is where cleverness is needed.


One SimCylinder is made out of just five parts. There is a housing, a rod, two adjustement scews and one plain bearing, that´s all.

No fluids, not a lot of screws and parts.


How is this possible?


The SimCylinders feature loadcell technology. But it´s not just a simple loadcell that is used, the SimCylinders use the core feature that maka loadcell a loadcell. Simply said, i made the housing the loadcell itself by applying strain gauges on it.