SimProlouge Simulator Training Concept

"Strength doesn´t come from the body, it comes from the minds will!"

What is the SSTC?


The SSTC focuses on innovative training methods for racing drivers via racing simulators.


No matter wether you are active on roadcourse, oval, hillclimb, slalom or rallyecross, we will offer training methods via simulator tailored to your own preferences in the near future.


What makes the SSTC special?


The SSTC does not focus exclusively on learning a new track or driving techniques, but primarily on mental training.


Managing your state of mind while competing is essential for success.

We want to train this ability to help drivers, no matter what age, to be better on track and under pressure.


Therefore we currently refine our "mental training" aspects togeher with professional racing drivers and psychologists.

No simulator yet?


We support you in creating a simulator tailored to your needs and budget.


Here we can make sure that you have the best possible hardware at your hands to carry out your training optimally.